Job Opportunities

If you have a talent you think would fit well within our organization, please contact us or email your resume at We have lots of  job waiting for you. Your talent might fit as well. Current job opportunities include the following:

Basic Qualifications:

 – 19- 26 years of age

 – male/female

 – single

 – with or without experience

 – high school diploma/ diploma/bachelor

 – pleasing personality, courteous, efficient, reliable

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen staffers must have a basic knowledge of kitchen sanitation, knife handling skills, reading and math skills, and kitchen equipment; ability to measure ingredients accurately, and understand and carry out directions. They must be able to multi-task, work quickly despite being under stress, and communicate well to ensure all orders are satisfactory to customers.

There are times that we will be open from early morning until late night which means the Kitchen staff will be there even earlier and stay even later. Kitchen staff may find themselves running to and fro throughout the different kitchen areas, and is required to be on their feet most of the time. Some of the areas in the kitchen can be very uncomfortable because of heat and humidity. They are expected to work weekends and holidays.

Dining Crew

Dining crews are responsible for taking food orders and delivering the filled orders to the customer as quickly and courteously as possible. Other tasks include setting up tables, answering inquiries regarding price, introducing items from the menu and how the food is prepared. Dining crews should also ensure that the customer is of right age for consuming alcoholic beverages, as well as checking their customers from time to time to know if they are enjoying their meal and service.

If you think that you are who we are looking for, send us your resume/ curriculum vitae today. Trainings are provided for newly graduates or without working experience.

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